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A Healthy Life - Family Style

How The Baier Family created the most popular cleanish supplement line and helped millions achieve their goal of a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Cleanish is a Dallas based healthy lifestyle company that dabbles in a little bit of everything that makes up a healthy lifestyle.  The small team focuses on anything that helps families live the healthy lifestyle they deserve. In a world filled with convenience and processed goods, they are a breath of fresh air. Cleanish just crossed $3 million dollars per year in revenue and they are just getting started. With plans to launch in-person events and healthy travel packages along with more flavors and supplements, they will be helping people live more fulfilled lives for years to come.

Founded by Lacey and Dustin Baier, the parents of 4 kiddos and personal followers of a cleanish lifestyle, they have turned a small food blog into a health and wellness empire. With over $3 million in revenue annually and over 10 employees, cleanish is considered the “healthiest place to work.”

The company has an obsession with making it easier and more enjoyable to be healthy and to be better than yesterday. That’s why they have their hand in nearly everything you need for this journey. From information, community  and motivation on their digital side, clothing and supplements on the physical side, and soon-to-be in-person events and custom health-based adventure packages to make it all come together. 

How cleanish grew so fast

The first decade of the company was focused exclusively on creating homemade recipes via a food blog. But, after looking around, Lacey got tired of overly-processed protein powders and other supplements. Using her following on Instagram and Youtube (now over a million followers), Lacey realized her audience was interested in the same thing she was. Lacey realized a healthy lifestyle required balance in order to succeed. Thus, cleanish was born, and now has become a household name.

A few months into their journey, cleanish started a brand ambassador program that everyone loved. After all, who wouldn’t love living a cleanish lifestyle? Cleanish’s most successful ambassadors live and breathe the brand. Sending pictures of using their supplements and wearing their clothing from all around the world is just one example of how cleanish changed the way people approach health and wellness.

Combining a rabid fan base, die-hard ambassadors, and a highly-engaged Instagram and Youtube community, cleanish is a resounding success. It seems the world was really needing a sensible and realistic option to enjoy a healthy and family-friendly lifestyle and to be “better than yesterday.” Easily selling out of the favorite flavors every time they come in stock, fans know to set a timer to make sure they order as soon as they can.

Digital Arm of the Company

Since cleanish started out as a food blog “A Sweet Pea Chef,”  it made sense to expand the way they helped people into other verticals. With over 5 websites offering healthy tips on food, fitness, and travel, cleanish now looks for any chance they can to help provide more value to a world overcome by misinformation. 

Cleanish’s digital branch has crossed well over the 1M in revenue per year marker and helps over 5 million people every month get access to the information they need to have a healthier happier lifestyle.

Cleanish Podcast

The Cleanish podcast was launched as a way to help teach and share the cleanish movement and covers everything from mindset to nutrition. Having been around for over a year now, it is wildly popular and an amazing free resource for people getting started. 

Better Than Yesterday Membership Site

Cleanish has an amazing community where members engage in challenges and support each other as they embark on their cleanish journey. By popular demand, Lacey created the membership program for those seeking ongoing support or motivation. Lacey likes to say that she is starting a movement to be cleanish. With over 1,000 members they have an annual meetup and enjoy perks like discounted gear and extra training and coaching with Lacey.

Physical Products

With over 10 signature flavors, the most popular being Caramel Latte, and PB & J and seasonal flavors including the must-have Pumpkin Pie, cleanish just became the most popular clean protein powder. But it doesn’t end there. Cleanish also offers pre-workout, energy drinks, sleep aid, and more, all with your health in mind.

Cleanish also offers clothing and other gear with a cleanish flair. Focusing on function and feel so that brands biggest fans always feel like they are on their cleanish journey. The clothing serves as a way for the community to stay motivated along their journey.

In fact, the physical line of the company has been so successful that it grew larger than the Digital side in just 1 year. 

Events and Travel

Cleanish has In-person events that serve to promote both the cleanish lifestyle and brand. One is a larger event focusing on fun, family activities, speakers, and lots of free merch. The other is a more intimate event that helps jumpstart people on their cleanish journey. These events are highly anticipated by all and are an event to remember, with delicious catered food that is healthy and nutritious and physical activities that show how fun fitness can be for all ages.

On the horizon, cleanish looks to offer custom adventure packages, including adding airbnbs and travel options for families to enjoy cleanish vacations.

Work Conditions

Daily healthy lunches and an exciting energetic work environment are just a few of the reasons why cleanish is known as a great place to work. Cleanish even pays their employees to exercise an hour a day, and rewards personal records (PRs) in company meetings!

Their goal is to create the perfect balance for their employees with health, lifestyle and work, just like they do for their customers. Offering best-in-class benefits is just the beginning. In fact, they are growing so fast they are already looking to expand the size of their warehouse to include more space for products along with the fully-stocked gym of course!.

The employees are so loyal and dedicated to the cleanish cause that they regularly promote the brand on their own social media and share on the company wall ideas that are “cleanish”. The gym is stocked with all the bells and whistles someone on the cleanish journey could ask for. 


There is even a quarterly family movie night the company hosts. Dustin and Lacey understand the additional challenges having a family can create and so they make it a point to make the balance easier for employees and their families.

Core Values

Think you have what it takes to be part of the cleanish team? They have their 5 core values listed up in the warehouse where everyone can see:

  1. Better than yesterday
  2. Energetic
  3. Dedicated
  4. Adventurous
  5. Family

Tips to Success

Cleanish was created on the basis of being better than yesterday and that’s a motto they take very seriously. In fact, both Lacey and Dustin pride themselves on their cleanish approach to relationships, self-improvement, fitness, parenting, family and so much more. Lacey & Dustin attribute a bunch of their success to an annual retreat they go on as a couple every year to plan out the next year. They truly practice what they preach and are always thrilled to motivate and energize others with their example. 

But the secret sauce is the cleanish vision. Everything oozes cleanish from the quotes and murals on the wall at their warehouse to the employee care packages that go out every quarter. Lacey says she wants the company to feel as put together as she does when wearing a cleanish outfit. Cleanish has become an identity and a movement to be better than yesterday.