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Tired of other protein powders tasting chalky and hurting your stomach? Try Cleanish's Plant Based Protein (with free gifts) today. People love our dairy and gluten free protein powder because it's easy on your tummy and tastes like a dessert.

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"It’s not only clean ingredients it taste amazing and doesn’t bother my system. I keep a shaker and a bag of this at work for those days I need an extra boost part way through, or I forget to bring lunch as I hurry out of the house to the office." - Kathleen J.

The Best-Tasting Plant-Based Protein Out There

@laceybaier When I first started trying protein powders ~10 years ago 😳, I thought I was the weird one 🙋‍♀️ for not liking the clumpy, plastic-tasting protein powders. I wondered why anyone would be willing to drink it every day — it didn’t seem “healthy” to me. I’ve learned since then I wasn’t the weird one (well, at least not for this! 😉), and I’m definitely not alone in my search for a clean protein powder that I loved. One of my main goals when designing the formula for our Cleanish plant-based protein was to make sure it tasted amazing *JUST* with water. Of course, the ingredients needed to be clean - which was a constant fight in itself, but it also meant it had to dissolve easily, and not be clumpy (two biggies that really irritated me about other protein powders). This wasn’t an easy task, it turned out, and it wound up taking over 2 years and 3 manufacturers to make it work. 💪 Protein shouldn’t taste bad. And it certainly shouldn’t hurt your stomach or make you feel bloated. If you haven’t yet, I hope you give Cleanish protein a try, and join us ❤️ #protein #proteinpowder #psa #cleanish #cleanishsupps ♬ original sound - Lacey Baier

"This is a First"

I've finally found not only something with ingredients I understand and can pronounce but with no sugar and 20 grams of plant based protein.

- Michael B.

"Unlike Any Other"

This is the only Protein Powder I can drink and not make the ugly face! It doesn’t even smell bad like other powders. Mixing it with pancake mix is great, with water is great! I’ve tried Chocolate and the Caramel, but I cannot wait to try the vanilla. I’m over the moon! Please give this a try if you’ve been hating the thought of Protein Powders because of the horrendous taste.. this is unlike any other!

- Rhonda W.


I have tried several kinds of of protein powder when I tasted this I was happy with the taste. It kept me full, no nasty after taste like some have and it was yummy with just water! I'm hooked.

- Bernadine P.

Protein Has Never Been So Easy (Or Delicious!)

For Those Who Care About Ingredients AND Taste.

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How many carbs or sugar per serving?

Each serving of cleanish protein contains just 4 g of carbohydrates, and that includes 1 g fiber. There are 0 added sugars in cleanish protein, and it is naturally sweetened by a magnificent blend of monk fruit extract and stevia.

Can this be mixed with water?

Yes!  In fact, we recommend mixing 1 scoop cleanish protein with 10-12 oz. cold water, and shaking to mix for best results.  

We created cleanish protein to be so good, all you need to do is add water, though you can also add it to your fave smoothie for a protein boost!

How much protein is in one serving?

A 1 scoop serving of cleanish protein mixed with water will provide you with 20 grams plant-based protein.

Can I take this if Im lactose intolerant?

Cleanish protein is 100% dairy-free so it will not irritate lactose-intolerant tummies. 

Do you have any flavors without Stevia?

We were also nervous about stevia and didn't want the protein tasting too strong or earthy, like many stevia-sweetened foods. BUT we worked hard to choose a special blend of monk fruit and stevia to minimize the stevia flavor, while still getting the benefits.  We think we nailed the flavor and sweetness, and think you'll agree. 

Is it free of heavy metals?

Yes! Every batch is tested and certified free of banned substances, heavy metals, and other drug contaminants that can lead to health concerns.

What if I don’t like it?

If you are not completely satisfied with the protein, please reach out to us at and we will make it right.

How often will I get my subscription?

You can sign up for delivery every 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

How can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription through the customer portal - please see the direct link in your email notification or log into your cleanish account here.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

No problem! Log into your customer portal, click "Manage Subscription" and cancel.